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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Teaberry Strangler by Laura Childs

I have to tell my readers how sweet Laura Childs is! You may remember I won a copy of one of her books last year from another blogger & then Laura Childs sent me an email asking if I would like one of her tea shop mystery books...which of course I was thrilled!! Well, guess what?? I received her latest book in the mail a few weeks ago and it was signed too!

If you love tea and you love mystery books, then you are going to LOVE this writer. I have been sick and not able to do much lately and I have read most of her Tea Shop Mysteries now. :) I start one and I just can't put it down!

Now what I really love is, as I'm reading one of her books, her characters will be making all these yummy recipes for their tea shop and I'm thinking "oh, wow, that sounds so delicious" and then I finish the book and at the end...there it is! There are ALOT of great recipes listed in the back of her books & also tea party theme ideas. Where does this writer get all her great ideas? I hope to finish this series and start her scrapbooking series also, though you know I am a true tea lover. ;)

Imagine my surprise as I got to the back of this latest mystery & there were tea publications lists, and resources lists...and there I was right in the middle of the resource list! My humble little tea blog! It's really an amazing feeling. I just started this little blog as a place to keep all my tea recipes in one place, never dreaming that anyone would ever take notice of it, much less gain all my wonderful followers and a witty writer too!

OK, I have to admit, I love the fact that the main character Theodosia, named her dog Earl Grey. I think that's just adorable! Yes, it won me over immediately. :) So now you know the next dog I get I will have to name Earl Grey, or maybe Darjeeling, or Jasmine, of course!


Linda J. said...

Congratulations on your fabulous blog being listed as a resource for Laura Childs!!

Hopeful Heart said...

First of all, it was through that very book, The Teaberry Strangler, that I found YOUR blog (through a list of tea-related websites in the back of the book)...which has led me to discover so many other tea-related blogs and to take part in Teacup Tuesday.

I actually didn't read the book, as my daughter was reading it and then it was due back at the library. But I am reading and enjoying Chamomile Mourning (my first tea shop mystery). My daughter has read about 8 of them so far...and she loves them.

Patti (Of Days and Dreams)

Anonymous said...

You are the second person sharing this book, I think it's a sign I should read it. Congratulations on the wonderful blog listing, I'm so happy for you!