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Thursday, February 24, 2011

♥ Guess what I got in the mail?? ♥

OMGoodness!! I am soooo excited! I know, I know, you couldn't tell. ;) I came home and thought, "What is that package on the doorstep? I haven't ordered anything." I even had no clue when I read the return address. So I opened it and what did I find?

Laura Childs' latest book!! It isn't even out in stores yet! This woman is such a dear. I have been receiving her books in the mail from her and I dearly LOVE her Tea Shop Mystery books! I even found myself praying for snow so I could stay home and read it! LOL. Well, the spring cleaning may have to wait this weekend and I know I'll sit down to read and end up reading the entire book! I just can't put them down. :) If you haven't read any of her books, you really should. She also has a Scrapbooking series and a Cackleberry Club cafe series you might enjoy too. I love them too, but you know TEA is #1 is my heart.

She always includes tea recipes in the back of her Tea Shop Mystery books, tea party ideas, and tea resources...which I'm included in! My dear friend Bernideen is listed too!

Hope you're having a TEA-rrific day!


Bernideen said...

Oh - I am so jealous! Well, I am happy for you! Wouldn't it be fun to lock the door and read away with tea in hand! But then, how would I pay the bills if I don't go to work? These are the choices one has to make....I can't wait to read it though.....

Marilyn said...

Lucky YOU!! I have all the books in this set and am looking forward to reading this one, too! ♥♫