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Sunday, December 18, 2011

♥ Candy Christmas Tree ♥

1 cup vanilla frosting
Green liquid or paste food coloring
Styrofoam cone (12 inches high)
15 hard peppermint candies
15 hard spearmint candies
19 large red gumdrops
19 large green gumdrops
25 to 35 pieces crimped ribbon candy
23 pieces cut rock candy

Tint frosting green. Place cone on a 9-in. plate; frost the sides and top of cone.

Starting at the bottom, alternate peppermint and spearmint candies around the cone in a single row. Alternate red and green gumdrops in a row above candies.

Arrange remaining candies in rows around the cone until reaching the top.

Position a mint candy on the tip of the cone; top with a gumdrop.

Yield: 1 tree.

~~Country Woman November/December 2001~~

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