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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

♥ My First Wholesale Order! ♥

I am feeling quite good today! I had a business owner in Canada email me about doing a wholesale order of my teaballs & earrings for her shop. Who me? Why, I'd be delighted to!

I was hoping, before our economy went south, to approach several tea shops in our area about my selling teaballs and tea-themed jewelry. Now there isn't one left within a 200 mile radius of me! So sad.

So I am anxiously awaiting my order of 50 teaballs to arrive so I can get started. It felt so humbling that someone would choose me from the few teaball'ers I've seen listing there. It was also exciting to get that bit of validation that I'm on the right path here. :)

So I'm choosing beads and charms and making the 10 pairs of earrings while I await the arrival of a big box of teaball infusers! ;) I just feel so happy and thankful I had to share my good news!

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