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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

♥ And the winner is..... ♥

It's finally the day to announce the winner of my little tea infuser giveaway! I had 3 lovely ladies leave me a comment. I was surprised with over 60 readers a day no one else left comments. I don't know if no one likes my tea balls or you guys are just shy! ;)

Drumroll please.........

Everybody wins!
Since I only had 3 brave enough to leave a comment, I thought everyone should win. :) Crazy I know, but everyone likes to win, right? If you three ladies will send me your address:
I will send your teaballs out. :)

I hope this makes everyone's day a bit brighter. I know it's certainly made mine. :) Thank you for taking the time to read my little tea blog and join in on the fun.

Have a TEA-rrific rest of the week!
Sheri :)

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