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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

♥ A tea-rrific giveaway! ♥

I realized that I don't think I've ever had a giveaway on this blog! If I have, it's been a while & I can't remember when. :) So I think we need to remedy that. As you know, I love making my little tea infusers.  So how would you like to win one?  It's so easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.  Become a follower of this blog.

2. Go to my etsy shoppe and pick your favorite tea infuser.

3. Post your favorite one in the comments here.

See? how easy is that?  Winner will be randomly chosen next Wednesday on August 8th.

Hope you're having a tea-rrific day!

Sheri :)


peggybrown64 said...

I love the Dream infuser. I can just see myself with a wonderful cup of tea and a little time to dream!

Hearthkeeper In Christ said...

Wow these are so lovely! I would get the metallic blue Czech infuser. I love the color of the blue! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! I am a new follow and a good pot of tea is one of my favorite ways to relax.

bellyrina0590 said...

Hi Sherri, I'm a long time admirer of your blog. My favorite infuser is the Ring Bling one. It's classic and oh-so pretty. Thank you for this giveaway.