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Monday, October 28, 2013

♥ I'm back! ♥

Hello dear tea friends!

I must apologize for disappearing out of sight for the last 2 months. I have been very sick and it's taken a toll on me getting back to health. I let both my blogs go as I was also emotionally tired as well and felt like maybe they needed a break. Perhaps a bit of fresh air is just what they needed. :)

You may notice that I will start sharing alot more gluten-free recipes in addition to the old stand-bys. I found out I have a wheat allergy so I am slowly learning to adapt to this way of life. I never realized just how frustrating it was for people who cannot consume the gluten foods--and I have discovered it's in almost everything we eat! What a nightmare!

So here we go...just in time for the holidays! I'm glad to be back! :)


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Antiques And Teacups said...

Oh Sheri...we've missed you! So glad you are feeling better. I have lots of allergies so I empathize. It's difficult but worth it to alter your lifestyle, eating, cooking and shopping because of allergies. You will be feeling so much better!